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We are living in the world of modern technologies, where smartphone and their apps are capturing the market. Smartphone users want an app for everything they used to do in a day such as for checking mails, exploring restaurants, social activities and controlling household items as well. Here, we are talking about Wonderlist Android app that promotes genuine listing of properties available near to you and also creates networking with other users and dealers. We are living in a hectic and busy society and to look for a trusted properly dealer or a relevant property, people want a secure platform and also save their time too. I bet you that Wonderlist android app will definitely resolve all your problems related to exploring a good properly for yourself. The app is new in this category but can fulfill all your requirements, if you are looking for a property nearby you.

Let’s talk about some eye catching features of this app. The Wonderlist app developers are probably using the best and latest android development technologies as the app is really light in its size and ease to use. The key features in this app are: searching genuine properties near to you, listing of properties, create your post for any property, easily upload media files for the same, chat with agent and users, mark as favorite, check your followers, manage your account, and view transaction histories etc. It has everything a user need to search, buy and own a property. Not only this, the app also provide a feature for negotiating with your agent or property owner before finishing the deal. Wondeful app is enabling features which will make you more engage with your friends, followers and agents and also extracting social features.

There are already a hundreds or thousands of similar apps available on Google Play Store. But the Wonderlist is a very much user-friendly app in this category which is free to download as well. The developers of this app are keep listening of end users for any issues, bugs or features they posted for this app. The developers and organization are dedicated to implementing these things into their app and bring a new update of this mobile app regularly. The latest update has a new layout, enabled chatting feature with friends, followers and agents, broadcast sharing, send media files and voice messages in chat and a new feature page to explore more about a property. In order to get the best experience, make sure to download or update this app to its latest version. The app is very new and so in each update the developers are adding a new feature into it.

It is a must have and a highly recommended app for those who are looking for a genuine property or an agent near to them. I have explored a number of similar android apps and went through their features as well but definitely, none of them has all the features as inPitch Card

Wonderful app and this is the most user-friendly mobile app among all. You are not only buying a property for yourself but also you want to be sure that the property you are looking through these apps must be genuine in order to further inconvenience. The goal of Wonderful app is very simple – List or search properties, contact your agent via call or email, negotiate and buy a property for yourself. Additionally they offer to create a favorite property list, add friends, chat with your friends, followers and agents and other features so that you’ll be connected as in a network.


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WonderList is a real estate mobile application that promotes genuine listings and creates networking. Our mission is to bring property agents from around the world into an online platform that promotes trust, integrity and professionalism.

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