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How Wonderlist Can Help Property Agent?

  • We designed the simple and efficient posting input for Property Negotiator to post their listings.
  • Marketing methods within the application can either be active or pro-active.
  • Property Negotiator can create their own network within this application.
  • Property Negotiator can manage their listing data within the application, anytime and anywhere.
  • Property Negotiator can do deals within a safer and more secure environment.


Reasons Why You Should Choose Wonderlist Property:

  • Online Co-Agency

To make Co-Agency transaction in more efficient way. Allow Property Negotiator to record on going and completed collaborate transaction.

  • Live Database Storage

By just sign in your account details, you can access your data from any devices, any place, and anytime. From important contact, property listings, till your on-going property deals.

  • Chatting

User can do instant chatting, send photo, send voice message or even do group chat in Wonderlist app. It allows user to manage all their work related messages in Wonderlist app.

  • Rating and Review

Allow user to rate and review Property Negotiatior. This feature will be a good reference and good testimonial for your potential customers to make reference.

  • Broadcast and Interaction

You can market your listing in easier yet efficient way throughout sharing and broadcast.

  • Cost Efficiency

Our charges is base on monthly basis. No hidden charge, no activity credit count. Users are free to upload your listing with countless time and cost.