Hi everyone! How are you doing today? Last week, we were talking about the function of Crystals. What are crystals for? Wealth, prosperity and success. And we also talked about some brief information about how to use crystals for wealth. Today, we’re going deeper, we are going to discuss 8 ways to use crystals in feng shui.

Crystals are fortresses in our personal self-care rituals, but they also do double duty as little houseworkers, busy at keeping this sparkly thing called chi moving through our homes. It’s no secret that I am wild for strong and healthy feng shui. And one of my favourite aspects about good feng shui in the home is the helpful properties and cures that crystals offer. I’ve compiled eight different ways that you can use crystals to improve your home’s feng shui, whether you’re tucked in a cozy apartment, stretched over a hillside, or in a quaint little home in the city. Open up your crystal collections, and sprinkle the suggestions below throughout your home:

Activate Your Wealth Sector With Citrine

Citrine is a wealth and abundance stone, and it pairs perfectly with the Wealth Sector in your home. The Wealth Sector in your home is the back left corner of any room, but specifically the room that houses your home office (or your office at work). Since the office is the place that we are most focused on work-related thoughts and ideas, Citrine harnesses that concentrated energy, promoting wealth, abundance and prosperity in this area of your life.

Activate your Romance Sector with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a brilliant love stone, helping you heal your heart, adopt a stronger practice in self-love, and of course, it’s very helpful with your romantic pursuits and achievements. It was made for the Romance Sector in your home! The Romance Sector is the back right corner of any room, but specifically your bedroomthe room meant for love.


Activate your Fame + Recognition Sector with Towers

The Fame + Recognition Sector in your home should be activated to help keep you focused on your goals, to be recognized for your achievements (or well-known for something), and of course, to help boost your self-esteem. It’s especially powerful during this 2016 Monkey Year! The Fame + Recognition Sector is the back middle space of any room, but specifically your living room. Place a Tower Crystal in this space of your home, as towers represent Fire Energy. Towers are crystals that point toward the sky but have a strong base that they can stand on. Triangular crystals will also activate the Fire Energy needed in this sector.

Place Crystals on Your Personal Altar

Altars are really great tools to help harness your energy in a specific place. They are lovely meditation accompaniments and the perfect place to keep your crystals. After cleansing and charging your stones with your specific intentions, place the appropriate stone on your altar to amplify your dedication to your goal. Every time you pass your altar or see it in your line of vision, you will be encouraged to work toward your goal.

Keep a Black Stone Near Your Front Door

Black stones are great at absorbing negativity. They’re also very protective, making them ideal in your front palace, the entryway or foyer of your home. The front entrance of your home is very important in feng shui and it should always be clear and tidy. Place your black crystals in a lovely cluster to activate their protection properties in feng shui. Good stones to use are black obsidian, tourmaline, onyx, jet and apache tear.


Activate your Personal Growth Sector in Your Office

The Personal Growth Sector is located in the Northeast area in your office.

It represents your quests, where you want to go and who you want to become. Amethyst clusters are perfect for this area, ensuring it is visible from where you do most of your work. A cluster on your desk or as a bookend on your bookshelf, or even as a tabletop ornament are all great ideas to activate this sector. This stone will cloak you in protection and cure any ailments that could be impeding you within your office, like poison arrows – sharp corners on your furniture aiming at you. It is calming and will help remove the stresses that may find you in throughout your growth.

Use Pyrite as a Money Cure

Pyrite is closely linked to gold (even though it has been dubbed Fools Gold) helping it to carry strong metal energy. It acts as a cure within your home office to help spruce up your financial life. The most potent forms are the tiny cubes, so try to seek these out, though clusters will work just fine. Place these on your desk and be sure to touch them often! You can also place these in the tiny bowl you drop your change in, in the Southeast area of your home or office.

Bury Your Crystals in the Garden

Rogue Wood is home to some big gardeners. Not only is gardening healthier for you, it also saves you money! Two things I can really get behind. A great way to use your crystals in your gardening ventures is by cleansing and charging your stones and burying them in your fresh soil with your seeds and sprouts. Good intentions to charge your stones with are “Help these plants grow full of nutrients to help me be healthy,” or “Charge my garden to feed my family all season.” Giving your garden an intention as well by burying your stones pulls a spiritual magnet over the entire area (even if it’s just a balcony garden!) connecting you to your harvest all year. And don’t worry: you can dig them up at the end of the season.


News source: (Vanessa Kunderman)

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