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Vivahomes Realty is one of Malaysia’s fastest growing real estate companies. Steadfastly holding true to our vision to become the leader in any market we serve, and our mission to enhance the quality of life by providing value-added professional service, we are proud to have a proven track record and a reputation for service excellence.


From a modest beginning with a only few staff when it was first incorporated in 2006, Vivahomes Realty now boasts a huge staff force providing 16 hours of support to its customers 7 days a week and is dedicated to assisting them with their real estate needs. The main services rendered by the Company include the sale and rental of properties in the primary and secondary market as well as auction, corporation leasing, investment sales and project marketing consultancy via its Strategic Business Alliances. Vivahomes Realty strives to continuously provide excellent service standards and maintain an impressive sales record in the property market.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become a multi-faceted, integrated and innovative real estate agency. We strive to shine in every aspect of our business, continuously reinventing ourselves as we find better ways to achieve our clients’ goals.

To maintain a high standard of professionalism and, trust and integrity in the real estate industry is the mission of Vivahomes Realty.

Core Values

We at Vivahomes Realty uphold Honesty, Integrity and Ethics in all aspects of our business, this is built into the DNA of Vivahomes team. Our continuous self-improvement effort reflects in all that the organisation does-in ideas, quality and customer satisfaction. Finally, Vivahomes Realty believes and practises the Respect and Concern for every individual.



Why join Vivahomes Realty ?

It’s not difficult to pick some good reasons to highlight the advantage of joining Vivahomes Realty because we have so much to offer. We have selected 8 reasons to share with you why you must join us to be a real estate negotiator / agent.


Vivahomes Realty is the one and only Real Estate Agency that is prepared to give you the most value for your hard work.

Vivahomes’s Branding and Good reputation

Vivahomes is a very well received brand in the marketplace. You can check with your friends who are real estate agents, developers, lawyers or bankers. They will be able to give you a clearer picture.

Support And Guidance

You can obtain all the support that an agent needs from the office such as our experienced practical training, administration, starfish search, TM search, transaction reports, internet, wifi and etc.

Fast and Easy Commission Claim

Vivahomes understands all your needs that our commission claim is twice a month. With complete documentation, you can expect any of your claims to be ready within twice a month.


All the new negotiators would worry about listings. In Vivahomes, your worry is well taken care of because more often than not, there are too many listings and lack of negotiators to handle.

Strong Network

Vivahomes has more than 200 associate agents and negotiators today and most of them are very friendly to deal with. Capitalize on them and they can be your very strong network.

Earn Commission And Investment Income

Vivahomes agency is in the marketplace today that provides dual income stream to qualified negotiators. All senior negotiators are allowed to participate in our investment vehicle to earn passive income besides enjoying their normal commission.


We want to make you a Millionaire.

Proven One to One Training System

Vivahomes will train you to close your 1st Deal within 1st Month. You can gain your 1st RM100,000 or more annually. Undeniably, we show you how to be a Professional Agent!

Properties Recommend:

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Sunway Montana

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USJ One Avenue Condo

suria jelutong bkt jelutong shah alam

Suria Jelutong, Shah Alam


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