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* Spiral staircases are not recommended in Vasthu. Photo: Reuters

In Vasthu Sastra (Indian science of architecture), our house and our body are regarded as mass vibrating energies and both forces should remain in harmony for dwellers to enjoy good health, peace of mind and happiness.

It does not matter whether you are renting a property or own one because energy effects are the same in all cosmos.

However, any imbalance in our five senses of touch, taste, hearing, smell and sight can disturb our health and well-being; the same applies if there are any defects in a property.

When we are sick, we can visit the doctor and recover with the given medication. But any defects in the house – if not rectified – will continue to distort energy flow and cause distress to the occupants.

This week’s column focuses on key structural defects in a property that can cause problems if they are not corrected and how you can identify and rectify the problem.

Several readers have expressed concern about the imperfections in their homes and wanted to know how they could resolve the issues without major renovations.

Plot: The land where the property is built on should be rectangular or square. Cuts in any corner of the land will alter the subtle energy flow, and the occupants will not get to enjoy its benefits.

For instance, if there is a void in the north-east portion of the plot, it will hinder the growth of the breadwinner; he will also experience financial losses if the south-west portion of the land is missing.

The recommended solution is to acquire the missing portion. Also, avoid extended and irregular-shaped plots which are unfavourable in Vasthu.


Main entrance: The main entrance to the property should be placed in the centre depending on the direction the house is facing.

Ideally it should be located in the north, south, east, west, north-east, north-west or south-east. Avoid the south-west. If your main door is in the south-west, relocate it to any of the above quadrants.

Side door entrances are not encouraged because a house should have only one main entrance.

Rear door: The back and front doors should be aligned in a straight line. The rationale here is that positive energy enters the property via the main entrance and negative energy exits through the back door.

Door: The main door should be the biggest in the house and it should be rectangular and not arch-shaped. The height should be double the width. It should be made of solid wood and should not have glass motifs. Metal and all other types of material should be avoided. The main door should open inward towards the right.

Staircase: The stairway can be located in all quadrants, except in the north-east and south-west.

It should turn clockwise and the steps should be odd numbers. Add one more step to make it odd number if you have even number steps. Avoid the spiral staircase.

Toilet and bathroom: Avoid having the restroom in the south-west and north-east quadrants because they are inauspicious locations for such purposes. All other quadrants are fine and the commode should face north or south.

Kitchen: The stove should be located in the south-east or north-west quadrants so that food cooked and consumed from these two locations will be good and will not cause indigestion and other stomach problems.

Other amenities like the fridge can be placed according to the occupants’ convenience.


Master bedroom: The master of the house and his wife should sleep in the south-west bedroom; it should be the biggest room in the house.

Children should not be allowed to sleep with their parents. If the master bedroom is not located in the south-west, the next option is to occupy any room that is located in this region.

Couples are discouraged from sleeping in other quadrants like the south-east and north-east as this will have an adverse effect on them.

Children’s bedroom: The best bedroom for the son should be the room in the north-east; for the daughter, it is the north-west.

The study room should occupy the north-east quadrant of the home so that whatever you read and write will be easily absorbed. Photo: Reuters

The study room should occupy the north-east quadrant of the home so that whatever you read and write will be easily absorbed. Photo: Reuters

Study and library: Whatever you read and write will be absorbed easily if you occupy the north-east quadrant. This quadrant can also be used as your home office.

Laundry room: This utility room should occupy the south-east or north-west quadrant.

Maid’s room: The house helper should not sleep on the same floor as the family. She should sleep in the south-east quadrant so that she will stay alert and serve with dedication.

Guest room: Visitors should be placed in the bedroom in the north-west or south-east. All other locations are disallowed.

Prayer room: The north-east quadrant should be reserved as the sacred space for activities for the body, mind and spirit. If there is a room here, it should be kept for this purpose with the altar facing east.

Another choice for the prayer space would be the living room in the central position of the house on the ground floor. All other locations are disallowed because it will hamper the spiritual development of the family.


News Source:(T. Selva)


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