Feng Shui: Tips For A Relaxing Bedroom And Happier Life


Feng Shui is a system of keeping things in harmony. The Chinese philosophical system is based on the belief that invisible forces bind the universe, earth and humanity together. We must channel energies to bring us prosperity.

Many successful people follow feng shui, and some interior designers note that following the system makes rooms more visually pleasant, reported MSN.

If you want to give this Chinese tradition a try, start with your bedroom. Your private sanctuary should be designed to restore your spirit and keep you away from work and the rest of the world. It should have less energy, and the chi should flow smoothly in order to have a peaceful rest. It is also a place for romance.

Try following these feng shui tips to bring in positive energy, relaxing sleep and satisfying love life.

Soothing Colors

Use earth tones such as peach, cream and pale yellow to create a relaxing atmosphere. Pastel colors such as sky blue and light green give off serenity as well.Keep bright colors somewhere else as they can be too stimulating. The bedroom is a place to unwind.

Keep Water Elements Away

Water elements, such as water features and paintings, gives off strong Yang, a mystical energy that keeps you active. Meant to give you zest throughout the day, this energy may disrupt your sleep at night. It can also bring harm to your wealth and relationships.

Wooden Headboard

Choose a sturdy headboard, preferably something wooden. It provides good support for your body and life, and shields you from the chaotic outside world.

Vary Light Levels

Welcome the rays of the sun into your room throughout the day. At night, have different arrangements of artificial light to switch to dimmer lighting and balance your energy levels. Candles also create a cozy and invigorating environment.


For total relaxation while you sleep, keep mirrors from your line of vision. Like water, they are energetic elements. These objects also invite infidelity, so keep them closed or covered in fabric when not in use.


Chi, which means life or energy force, enters and leaves through the window. If your bed is placed underneath it, your personal energy may weaken in the long run.

Bed Position

The best position for your bed is in the corner, diagonally across the entrance. Keep the door in sight to increase your sense of security and have power over what comes and leaves the room. However, your feet should not be directed to the door as this symbolizes the coffin position and is unlucky.

Soft Edges

Opt for round-edged furniture. Rigid corners invite a sharp atmosphere.

Inspiring Art Pieces

Mount art pieces that exude a radiant vibe without being too loud. Select visuals that depict what you want to achieve in life. Place them on the wall at the foot of your bed so you will sleep and wake-up inspired.


Keep gadgets away as they generate a magnetic field that can upset your well-being. If you must keep them in your room, enclose them in cabinets.


News source: (HNGN/Romellaine Arsenio)

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