Things Which Matters in Multi-Unit Houses


By: R. Safdar 

The population is growing very fast which challenges the architects, town planners, and house builders to think and develop the multi-unit houses. In such away much of space is accommodated as the houses are vertically built.

While living in the multi-unit houses several things are noted which need to improve for the better living of residents. Some of these things are related to the residents while others are associated with builders.

Role of Residents
One of the main considerations for the residents is to communicate and interact with other living families. The residents of a multi-building should adopt socialism so that their young children may mix up with other. For the children’s health, it is essential to play outside in the sun, open environment, and learn from each other. Knowing each other in the multi-unit houses creates a sense of pleasure, care and security.

Role of House Builders
Conventional multi-unit houses are built vertically where the most residents living on the ground floor have more exposure to the courtyards and natural environment. As the distance from the ground to upward increases, the residents have fewer chances of exposure to the natural environment as well as physical activities.

At present many Chinese designers have attempted to overcome this drawback associated with the multi-unit houses. For this purpose, they have brought the concept of glazing the houses with lights and outside beauty. In this way houses have been modernized by placing the glazed roof panels in various positions of the rooms.

Similarly, the sliding windows towards the courtyard provided a sense of natural life. Further, the interior decoration of houses with indoor plantation, different lighting and wall colouring is another approach to have a good living style. The beautiful balconies provide chances to communicate with nature.

For this kind of multiple-unit houses, very good additions by the present designers are the introduction of the roof garden. In this way the residents living at higher levels can also experience the nature and beauty of life. They can also participate in sports and other recreations while living above the ground.


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