The Importance of Feng Shui for Your Home


Article by: Yeoh Lee Leng

A huge majority often misunderstand what feng shui is exactly; simply relating it to a religion. Hence, to clear the clouds, feng shui is defined as the balance of energies or space to provide assurance in terms of health and fortune for the people living in it. A majority would always check the feng shui of houses they are interested in before purchasing it. This is also when homeowners tend to start designing its interior based on the feng shui given by a designated master.

Now, what about you? Have you done those or will you be consulting a feng shui master once you’ve bought a home?

Here’s something you should probably consider when purchasing a home:

The energy map (Bagua)
Bagua, translated in Chinese is defined as the eight (8) areas that are used to analyse the feng shui energy in a given space. Bagua is usually aligned with the front door, namely the mouth of chi – a place where most energy enters. It is always advisable that the shape of the bagua diagram fits the map as missing areas mean greater difficulties tend to occur in your life.

Air and light
These are the two essential elements that help to obtain positive energy to your home. Always make sure that your windows are open for adequate ventilation as well as to allow appropriate amount of light to shine into your home. This ensures that your home is filled with fresh air and energy most of the time. Additionally, it is also best to get yourself an air purifier to place it in the living room to purify the air once in awhile.

Lucky Directions
Have you always wondered what the lucky directions in your home are? Are you curious as to why most of the houses have their interiors structured differently; especially the beds, sofas, dining seats and tables and positions of desk or cabinets? Here, your Kua numbers come in handy for such cases!

Consult your feng shui master today and let him/her get you to place the correct position of your interiors! Your Kua number defines the best energy to flow into you as well as brings the lucky directions to you!

The basic five (5)
Have you considered how important the five elements of feng shui are; namely the wood (rectangular), fire (triangular), earth (square), metal (round) and water (wavy)? These basic five elements exist to help create a balanced and vibrant lifestyle in your home with an addition to wood furniture and plants surrounding your home.


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