The Art of Building Houses


By: R. Safdar 

People usually describe the house as an essential need of their life. Likewise the beauty of life, the houses can also be categorized but in some different manners.

Building a house is an art which means that appropriate location, exposure to sun, wind and light should be considered while building a house. Appropriate sizing according to needs can provide more energy efficient houses as compared with oversized houses.

Different people have different opinions about the housing. Some of them think that the houses are like institutions rather than only structures. Similarly some groups of people call it a cultural activity and design it accordingly.

There should be a balance between history and present architect as it can provide the best design principal. Courtyard houses were one of the examples of the best architect of past time. Currently good materials, building techniques and various designs provided the architects and builders limitless options to show the excellence in their art.

The architect can be a standalone characterization of a region which may differ from one region to another highlighting the specific culture of that area.

We can create a biophilic environment by introducing plants, animals, water/ponds and greenery to our built colonies. This is the way we can introduce life and nature to our built houses. These things play important role in human life and fascinate them.

Further, the addition of paintings, landscapes decoration can also enhance the biophilic characteristics of houses. These biophilic characteristics of houses put a positive impact on our psychological and physical health.

Talking about the interior of the houses, some of the spaces are dark, while some are bright. The dark spaced areas are considered as refuge whereas, the bright spaced areas are a symbol of prospect. Therefore the refuge and prospect areas should have different ceilings and light combinations.

The daylight plays an important role in human life and their good beings. Similarly, the dark spaces are necessary for the retreatment, recovery and sleep.


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