Reasons Behind The Failure Of Targeted Housing Markets

 By: R. Safdar 

Housing markets are regarded as one of the revenue generation sources for the country. The selling and buying the houses have been practiced for years. The housing development associations and the real estate organizations are like an umbrella which fulfill the housing needs within the country.

The effective participation of these organizations could help in meeting the targets such as a nation’s development through better economics, high employment rates and a shelter to the people with low income.

The reviews on the housing markets highlighted that these organizations have overworked to meet the housing targets, but there are several flaws which caused failure to achieve these targets. Some of these issues are mentioned as follows.

Issues with Housing Delivery systems

Many private and public sectors are trying to facilitate the housing markets, but the issues related to housing delivery systems always put a hindrance to their success.

Reasons behind unsuccessful housing targets

  • One of the main reasons is less priority given to low-cost housing system which leads the housing achievements below the target.
  • The second reason is the excessive building of medium to high-cost houses which results in overhanging of the property. These houses become less attractive towards the targeted house buyers.
  • The abundance of housing projects makes the housing markets less efficient and results in unsuccessful targets.

Role of Housing Builders

House builders play a significant role in meeting the housing targets. The professional and skilled house builders will prepare the houses which may have all the necessities of life along with long life building materials.

The satisfaction of the house buyers become a good reference and helps in meeting the housing targets.

Insufficient efforts by the Housebuilders

Several times it happens that house builders do not pay attention to house building and later it causes problems for the buyers. This could be the worst reference for the housing markets.

Problems due to insufficient house Building

Some of the general building problems include roof leakage due to bad materials, unbalanced floors and unfriendly neighbors which causes a disturbance. There is a need for sustainability in the housing market for achieving the housing targets.




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