Real Estate Agents To Use Property Technology To Provide Better Services


During Malaysian Annual Real Estate Convention 2018, the CEO of Exastrata Solutions Sdn Bhd – Adzman Ariffin mentioned that real estate negotiators and agents should utilise property technology. He claimed that many of them are still using the traditional way of promoting, such as brochures distributing. This is slowing down the process of promoting.

“But with the technology out there, there are actually a lot of tools that we can use to improve our delivery and give better services to our clients at the same time,” he continues.

The quality of service is important in retaining customers and thus real estate agents should also embrace proptech to improve their services, he added.

“How can we improve ourselves if we are not aware of (all the new property technologies out there)? The transformation is imminent, so be ready to embrace proptech,” he told the audience.

Adzman is one of the speakers at MAREC ’18 with a talk entitled “How proptech is transforming real estate activities”.

Themed “Embracing changes with innovation”, the event was organised by the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. is one of the digital media partners of the event.

He cited a few types of proptech that an estate agent can take advantage of, such as messaging mobile applications, virtual reality technology and property management and listing apps.

For instance, one can use Google Streetview to perform a 360-degree inspection and have a better understanding of the property.

Additionally, one can also fly a drone to survey an area and take photos of real estate from the air.

He added that estate agents should also take advantage of the property transaction data on websites such as and the National Property Information Centre (Napic) to give more accurate information to their customers.

Nevertheless, there are challenges in adopting proptech, such as cybersecurity concerns and the cost of constant updates of apps, he noted.

“One of the challenges is the speed in meeting your clients’ expectations. There are so many competitors out there so you need to move very fast to capture demand before the other does,” he said.


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