What is the single biggest challenge for real estate agents in a crowded market in getting new leads, aside from the competition? In other words, what gets in the way of you getting new customers in your market?

Learn to adapt

You get in the way. External influences are simply excuses. Learn to adapt to the market. In a huge crash work distressed properties. Work buyers in a buyers market or any market really. Focus on sellers when it is a sellers market. Those are adaptive skills. Getting leads is not easy but with work can become easier.  Open houses are the fastest way to find ready buyers.

Look for referrals


Ask other agents to refer excess leads to you. Join referral companies. If you have some cash, use Facebook and Google to capture leads.

Put more effort

A crowded market is irrelevant.  Agents who do extra and put on effort, will always outdo those waiting for it to happen.



If you are serious about the business and you are in an area that is a lower price point or not a big turnover area, consider moving. Sounds drastic bit doing the same work selling higher priced homes beats selling the same or even more lower priced properties.

Keep connecting

keep connecting

Finally, customer service is essential.  Be better, faster and more knowledgeable than other agents in response and communications. Stay in touch with all contacts past, present and future buyers or sellers.

Positive mindset


Your mindset will overcome fears.  100 people could read this yet less than 10% will apply it. That means you very 90% better results than everyone else!


News Source: (Gavin MaGrath)

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