Modernization and Its Impacts On Houses


By: R. Safdar 


Modernization brought reordered to human lives. It brought several changes to the manufacturing of houses as well as the living style of human beings. This modernization theory gave special designing as compared with other buildings.

Design Philosophy

New design philosophy improved the architecture and gave birth to new ideas and rationalism resulting in the efficient housing colonies. While designing a house several factors are considered and different actions are planned for the household works.

Importance of Functional Efficiency in Design

This is one of the significant factors which lead to sustainability of design for the long term. Sometimes, modernization provides the designs which are less functional and effective only for short time period.

There are some specific requirements which are essential for the designing of houses. Fulfilling of all these requirements is necessary as this can only provide the long-term sustainability. Meeting the minimum requirements could only provide the efficient design but not the effectiveness of the houses.

House as a System

Several misleading can take place if the focus of designer is only limited to a specific portion of the house. A house is like a system whose different portions need to consider if we want to have a functional and long-term effectiveness of house.


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