I was chatting to some new blogging pals recently about creating a mini home bar area and saying how much I was loving the new ‘bar cart’ craze, or drinks trolley if you want a throw back to the 70’s. There are some great versions out on the high street, with my favourite of the moment being at Oliver Bonas. Little Big Bell did a great piece on their bar trolley recently, and I love it! Do check it out if you have no idea what I’m talking about or want to see how this can look great in your home for living.

So, inspired by the trend to revisit the home bar, I’ve played with a few kitchen remodel ideas on how to create my own at home, just a mini version for those of us that don’t have too much space or want to make it a more subtle feature.




Ok so this is key. You need to find how and where you want to locate the bar. You could, like me, use some shelving, either a bookcase or mounted shelves are fine, or use a two tier coffee or side table, or invest in an on-trend purpose made bar cart.

Personally I think if you do have the space the bar cart is the way to go as it gives you so many more options for styling and making the area fit in with your decor. But, if it’s not for you a smaller area will do just fine.



Well naturally you need a selection of glasses, probably from the tumbler through to cocktail and then wine glasses too. Try and select designs that work well together, from the same range perhaps, in different heights, so not only are they practical but they look good too.

Next you want some alcohol and mixers. I’ve only just styled mine up to give you some examples and have used my very deliciousTanqueray No. Ten Gin from Alexander & James (many more gin options HERE). This really is the business, and I love how it arrives in a beautiful case, with stunning glasses too as part of the gift set. But you could add the spirits of your choice of course, with the appropriate mixers for your favourite drinks. Next up for me, I’m adding some rum!



So now you have the main ingredients you want it to look pretty. There’s no point creating something that doesn’t tie in with the rest of the room and your taste in decor. I’ve done for a contemporary, playful look, pretty much like the rest of my house, but you can change up the accessories to suit the room and colour scheme. Some herbs like mint will bring it to life and why not decorate it like you would any shelf with some appropriate accessories and a little art.



Of course the next thing you need to do is try a little cocktail mixing and just be sure you have everything to hand.


Don’t forget to add a cocktail shaker, some fruit and a chopping board with utensils. You want to make it easy for yourself when you fancy a drink, or when friends come to visit and don’t want to dash to the kitchen because you’ve forgotten something. It’s easy to use these items as styling pieces too, adding colour and texture to the set. I’ve added a pretty tray too as something fun, but also practical.

As I’m not a gin and tonic fan I wanted something a little sweeter, yet still refreshing with my gin, so I’ve mixed one part gin with one part elderflower cordial, added some lemonade, mint and lime and bingo, a delicious gin cocktail that’s perfect poured over crushed ice. I think this might be my go-to summer cocktail.


So do you feel inspired to set up your mini home bar? I think the days of the 70’s style home bar that we have in our minds is long gone, and the stylish mini bar is the way to go, whether you create it on some existing furniture or shelves, or whether you decide to purchase a contemporary bar trolley. I’d love to know if you think this is something you might put together in your own home, and what kind of cocktail will you be mixing this summer? Let me know in the comments below.


News Source:(Jen Stanbrook)


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