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TENANTS often find themselves in a dilemma when deciding whether to spend on personalising their living space because of limited funds. Especially so when they are students or young executives in urban areas.

DB and B Design Sdn Bhd design director Emeline Tan reckons that by employing some simple techniques, a rental unit can become more homey and livable on a budget.

She said: “Space, natural light and ventilation play vital roles when styling a rental home. White walls instantly brighten and broaden a room, resulting in a visually bigger and cleaner space.

“Once we have established the space, there are various ways to create a cosy feel such as using colours as well as loose furniture or throw pillows.”

According to the Tan, minimalism is the key to making a room appear more spacious.

“Minimalist interior design that has clean lines will create a relaxing environment.

“Choose furniture that has sleek lines and shapes; add colours to accentuate the bare spaces and create a tranquil surrounding.

“Painting walls with a different shade will break the monotony and raise the visual appeal of the house.

“Minimalism helps to keep the design simple, nice and manageable,” she said.

For the handyman tenant, DIY (do it yourself) projects offer cheap solutions to a spatial makeover. And DIY items
come complete with instructions on installation.

Tan said simple DIY projects can help spruce up your rented home without busting the budget.

“Simple steps such as fixing, reusing and updating old furniture, repainting walls, and hanging artwork can be self-taught.

With the Internet, you can learn how to implement DIY projects.

“You have the flexibility to create interesting designs but avoid having too many items, or clutter, in a small space. Always remember, less is more,” Tan added.

“Avoid placing huge and dark coloured furniture in a small space. On the other hand, a mute monochrome theme will make the room seem more spacious.

“Accessories with bright colours will create a cheery environment,” she said.

Although most houses these days have air-conditioning units, some tenants may prefer to do without air-conditioning mainly due to high rental or steep electricity bills.

They can still have a cool environment by seeking budget-friendly solutions.

According to Tan, using a stand fan, tinted glass or blackout curtains for windows as well as sliding glass doors will help house dwellers avoid the heat and direct sunlight.

If the landlord does not allow you to paint the wall, you could use a decorative mirror to create a spacious appearance. Or you can opt to decorate walls with affordable DIY sculptures, artwork, photos and even shelves.

Tan also suggests using floral prints and green plants to brighten up the interior space and give it added freshness.

“Bringing in the outdoors will help reduce carbon dioxide levels and lower the temperature in a room.

“Nurseries sell many types of indoor plants, such as Pothos, Snake Plant, Peace Lilies and Ficus,” she explained.

One of the most important elements that will make a rented property more organised is the arrangement of decoration and furniture.

Tan said: “Storage furniture such as benches, boxes, baskets, shelves, drawers, cabinets, cube storage, stools and chests boxes can be bought without breaking the bank.

“By organising your things at home you can live within a more spacious, clean and tidy environment.”

Another popular technique to make the rented home more livable is the use of scents and fragrances which are
invigorating and can help you relax.

“Which fragrance to use is very subjective, depending on the individual.

However, a scent like lavender is a good bet for relaxation,” Tan added.

For a tranquil setting, try using a mobile water feature within the residence. The sound of flowing water can be quite relaxing.

Place a small indoor water fountain on a stand or table top, then sit back and feel the room transform into a calming environment.

So tenants can make their rented dwellings more conducive by going for economic-friendly solutions that do not cost a whole lot.

News Source: Star Property


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