Home security has been on my mind lately. We need to think about how to comply with building regulations with respect to fire safety. We’ll be installing quite a new wireless smoke detection system we think, instead of the usual fire paint on doors, so have been doing a little research into how this will work.

Areas to Consider:

What should you think about to ensure home is as well protected and safe as it can be? There is great advice available, like this from Legal and General on how to protect your home so do look around and do some research.

Home Alarm

Only you can decide if the cost of installation and maintenance is worth it for you. It might depend on how you feel about the security of your home, and whether this will make you feel more secure whilst you’re there. If you live alone for example, you might feel more comfortable at night with the house alarmed.

Window locks

Don’t forget to install window locks if you don’t have them, often home insurance will require them, and do use them.

Smoke Detectors

We all have these now right? They’re not expensive, and scattering them throughout the house could save your life, let along your home.

Property Safety

This covers all kinds of things, like bolts and locks on side gates, lockable garden storage and sheds, and ensuring ladders aren’t easily accessible. It could also mean installing good sensor lighting around the perimeter of your property

Contents Security

If you do find yourself in the very unfortunate situation of being burglared, using a system that can help you be repatriated with your personal property. Of course, do make sure that you have adequate insurance for the contents of your home too. Being reunited with it doesn’t always happen. It has to be recovered first.

Do you do enough to protect your home? Is your home safe?


Written by: (Jen Stanbrook)

Edited by: (Wonderlist/Kellye Tan)

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