Importance of Transitional Places


By: R. Safdar 

Transitional places are those areas which connect the private and public spaces. Government activities involve the renovation of public areas and private owners usually look after their own properties. In this way, the transitional spaces are ignored and not developed as compared with private and public spaces.

Transitional spaces play a vital role in connecting and disconnecting of apartments and houses. These spaces can be used to enhance the areas when the family requirements are changing. Similarly, these can be used as a separator to provide the privacy between different families.

Transitional spaces are regarded as a major theme place intended to be chora of the outside environment. These places contribute in several ways such as aesthetical, behavioural, psychological and ecological.

Many countries have recognized the importance of transitional spaces and renovate it providing the cultural courtyards, doorways, gates and walls. This idea gives residents the similar feelings of security and openness as they can have in their houses. Similarly, the public can also fascinate with traditional expressions across the roads as the exterior.

The gateways and doors between the transitional spaces also strengthen the linkage between indoor and natural activities. Further, the scenes from the doors and well-set windows of these houses provide more comfort and relaxation to mind being close to nature and local culture.

According to surveys, almost 90 percent of working people remain quiet in homes when comes from their jobs. This is imparting psychological disorders and stress over the mind ultimately resulting in negative effects on health. This could be a good idea to make these transitional spaces as a meeting place, therefore the residents can have a recreational activity after job and stress out their minds.

The family gets together can be carried out in the transition spaces as well as different families can be united for the sake of enjoyment. The potential usage of these places could bring many positive changes in residents and public behaviours.


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