Importance of the Outdoor Space of a House


By: R. Safdar 

Outdoor beauty of a house is a fascinating theme for human beings, but a question arises that what could be more important to that beauty. The answer to this surprising question is the suitable outdoor spacing of the house.

Direction of Yards

Without the suitable outdoor spacing a house could never be a happy house. Several surveys have been conducted in this regard which highlighted different opinions. Few of them said that north facing backyard is suitable for them, while majority preferred the south-facing front yard.

Scenic Paths

The Scenic paths provide the cherished mood while walking and interacting with the people. These pathways surrounded by the greenery provide the comfort to eyes and mind improving the human health being involved in exercises.

Fresh Air

Fresh air is considered as a symbol of well being of human emotions. A proper designed out space can provide plenty of fresh air which helps to minimize the in-house pollutants caused by construction materials.

Healing of Depression

Long hours time spending inside the house could cause stress to humans. Under such cases, the exposure to the beautiful out spaced activities could bring the stressed mind to joy and relaxed mood. Dark places are considered as recovery or relaxing places. A walk in a peaceful outdoor environment in the evening can bring a relief to the body.

Effect of Gardens

The gardens play important role in outdoor spacing as they reduce the agitation of houses. It could provide the positive activities and encouragement to the residents. There are many cases, where it is seen that crafting, walk, exercise and horticultural therapies provided the enhanced positivity in human activities.

Environmental Simulations

Suitable out-spacing of the houses provide an increased amount of sunlight which in turn gives the Vitamin D to residents ultimately increasing the strength of human body. Overall, a good out-spacing interlinks the residents with nature providing them peaceful sleep, energetic and joyful mood, good health and positive characters.


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