How The 5 Elements Of Fengshui Affects Property Sectors


It’s now year 2018, and we had some memorable events that happened in 2017. But not all happened in 2017 can be regarded as sweet memories for us. Some of it will become a good life lesson for all of us to become a better human in the upcoming years.

Feng shui can be regarded as a way of life that can be adopted to achieve the balance in our life with the living environment. Whether you are a fan of feng shui or not, chances are you would have heard of the five elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The balance of these natural elements plays an important role in the home and living environment.

As 2017 comes to an end, let’s review some of the events that have affected the property sector in our country specifically according to the five nature elements of feng shui.

First, water. On Nov 24, Penang experienced one of the worst natural disasters to hit the state in over 22 years. Due to heavy rainfall, Penang was paralyzed with a megaflood that affected most part of the island state. It does not only affect the daily routines of Penangite as it also claims seven lives and forcing thousands of victims to seek temporary shelter at relief centers with floodwaters rose to as high as one metre.

Second, wood. Despite the slow pace of the overall national economy, Malaysia External Trade Development Corp (Matrade) announced a surge of 22.6% in Malaysia’s total trade for the first eight months of 2017 and one of the notable sub-sectors that contributed to the positive figure is furniture export. Recognised for its high-quality wooden furniture, Malaysia has been among the top 10 largest furniture exporters in the world for several years due to enormous natural resources. The abundance of raw materials, especially rubberwood, in Malaysia has enabled the furniture industry to develop strongly.

Third, metal. Despite the market price of property in our country continue to rise due to increasing cost for construction materials as claimed by the developers, reports from the Department of Statistics Malaysia showed otherwise. This is because based on the Building Material Cost Index (BCI), it is shown that there is an overall depreciation in the region of Peninsular Malaysia since August 2017.  Thus, maybe we can expect a lower property price next year? Always something that the buyers wanted to hear.

Fourth, fire. On Sept 14, 23 people including students and teachers of Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah tahfiz (religious school) tragically lost their lives in a fire in Kampung Datuk Keramat. Police believe that the fire starts from a malice act by seven boys, aged 11 to 18 and two of them were charged with murder while the others were charged with self-administration of drugs. The tragic event conjured up previous cases related to poor fire safety measures at unregistered and private tahfiz schools, with more than 200 incidents reported since 2015. Triggered by the national tragedy, the Prime Minister already instructed the Fire and Rescue Department will be carrying out an audit of the fire safety protocols at tahfiz Schools nationwide

Fifth, earth. Another disastrous news hit Penang when a landslide covered a construction site and killed 11 workers. The incident occurred at the construction site of two 50-storey towers totaling 980 units.  Approval for the project was initially not granted by the Department of Environment due to its proximity to a granite quarry. The case is still under probe with the developers appointing Arup Jururunding (Penang) Sdn Bhd to independently look into the cause of the landslide as well as propose short and long-term safety measures. Penang Department of Occupational Safety and Health is also investigating the case.

Finally, we as a human should balance our personal needs with the living environment. We shall not be too greedy in utilizing the natural resources to avoid any more natural disaster hit our country. Try to adhere all the standard operating procedure (SOP) in dealing with the technical aspects such as the safety issues in a specific area. We need to be more focus in our lives and try to balance all the five nature elements.


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