How Does Lease Option Works?



  1. Find your ideal home @
  2. Negotiate the terms of lease agreement and option to buy with seller.
  3. Or system will match properties based on your requirements.
  4. View the property.
  5. Sign Lease Option agreement and make rent payments for term of the lease.
  6. Walk through and move in.
  7. Pay your monthly lease payment.
  8. Convert your rental into deposit when you want to buy.
  9. Live happily ever after in your dream home!



  1. Defining your requirements and find your ideal property at
  2. Property matching
  3. Sign your lease option agreement
  4. Walk-Through and Move-In


  1. Post listings and submit your offer for lease to
  2. Admin will match properties based on leasee’s requirements
  3. Sign your lease option agreement
  4. Potential buyer is ready

Done! As simple as that!

If you still face any unclear information about lease option, please do not hesitate to email us at or call us at +603-93680019.