How Do I Know If The Developer Is Trust-able?


Buying property is unlike buying food or clothes where you can try before buying. Not only that we need to plan for the deposit and loan, we need to know well about the developers too. As a buyer, we always wonder if the developer is trust-able and how does their past record do.

To help the public avoid getting into trouble when looking for house, the government had provided a few list of blacklisted developers according to 4 category, which is:

  1. Unlicensed Housing Developers
  2.  Tribunal for Housebuyer Claims Award
  3. Failure to pay the Compound
  4. Developer invloved in Abandoned Housing Projects.

You may find the list here.

We Wonderlist Property would like to remind you to check the list everytime before buying property to avoid any lost on the deal.


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