Houses – From a Basic Need to Significant Tool


By: R. Safdar 

Essential Needs of Human

There are some essential needs for the humans to live a proper life, whereas the most significant thing is to maintain that living standard.

House as a Shelter

Generally there are four categories which evaluate the human lives such as food, clothes and house as a shelter. This is a way how the humans can stay safe from the harsh environment, insects and other harmful objects.

House as a Basic Need

House is in fact a support to fulfill the activities associated with human life. Sometimes it provides physiological needs like living, resting and food, while during the get-togethers of the family and friends, it fulfills the socio-physiological aspects of life.

This way a human feels love and belongingness while residing in a house. It is a combination of socialism and self-privacy which brings comfort to the residents.

Significance of Housing

Likewise the vitamins, housing is a human’s need whose substitution is not possible, cooking, eating and sleeping are individually important and well designed in a house. Besides shelter, household activities are another blessing for the residents.

Economics and Housing

Houses nowadays are also considered as a business place and can generate income participating in the prospect of the country. Proper support to residents in doing the house based jobs can play a vital role in revenue generation ultimately enhancing the economy. Under such scenarios houses changes from the bricks and mortar to a revenue-generating place.


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