How To Become A Real Estate Agent – An Exclusive Guide


We get applications for real estate broker or negotiator positions almost on a daily basis. Sadly, we reject most of these applications.

John Han, the chief Real Estate Negotiator of 5Star Realty representing our business interests in Malaysia has got this to say:

Being a real estate agent in Malaysia is both easy and difficult. Sure it’s easier to become a real estate agent due to the fact that it does not really require a full college education but will earn you more than the usual take home pays of college grads (say, someone from Universiti Malaya), but it’s difficult because it is a pretty darn ficklemarket. And as any seasoned property agent in Malaysia will tell you… selling is never an easy game.

But then again, this is one market that will never lose its audience; someone somewhere (whether in urban Kelana Jaya or in a village off Kemaman in Kelantan) will need a house and it’s the job of the real estate agent to have them meet the house of their dreams and needs.

So if you’re considering becoming a full-fledged real estate agent, here are some things you’d need to know to get there.

How To Be A Property Agent In Malaysia (According To John Han)

  1. Get the right education. No I’m not talking about a Bachelor’s Degree. A real estate agent needs the proper training that can last between six months to one year to be eligible for a license. Each state/country has its own directives and guidelines to the obtaining a license but a proper school-like training is always a safe way to go. Prepare yourself for the school fees. If you’re Malaysian, here’s a good guide on how to get a real estate broker license. Which brings me to the next point…
  2. Get a license. No actually, make that ‘ace your license test and get that license in flying colors’. It’s just like any other licensing exam that would earn you more credits to brokers and to the real estate market if you pass it impressively.
  3. Become a trainee. Find an expert real estate agent who would be willing to take in interns. Being in an agency is a good way to start. Freelance will be good for later when you’ve built your portfolio and your network. On the job training and internship will teach you the nitty gritty of the industry firsthand and right where it happens. You could also learn a whole lot from people who have been in the industry long enough. They are real-world teachers, and thus the lessons are in the real-world too. And if you’re lucky, you may be on your way to getting your very first connection! Go to a big agency such as Reapfield or a boutique real estate agency such as Zerin Properties and make the owners an offer they can’t refuse.
  4. Build your image. No, don’t go all out sexy posters a la Courtney Cox in CougarTown. But it would help if you create an online profile for yourself. Use free sites like LinkedIn, and find online real estate agents’ networks to connect yourself with. Create an impressive business card too!
  5. Develop your own niche. Don’t be everything to everyone. If you’re known for the go-to-guy for luxury Mont Kiara condominiums (such as Lumina Kiara) then don’t get yourself involved with, say, Taman Rumah Murah in Segambut or wooden houses on Jalan Gurdit Singh in Pokok Assam, Taiping. I’m exaggerating, of course, but you get the point.
  6. Build your own network. Have friends and family know that you are into real estate. They are your very first level of word-of-mouth advertising. Give them your cards and ask them to recommend you to people they know who might be selling or looking to buy a real estate property. One fab tip: throw a small party at your house and have your friends bring a new friend over. Tell them you are celebrating your real estate agent license that you’ve worked hard for. Engage in conversations and convince them that you are a convincing agent. That’s one good way to spread the word around – in a really fun way.

Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for when you take on this job. This takes more work than you imagined (or how I present) it to be. Be ready for rejections and persevere.

Good luck!


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News Source: (5Star Realty)

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