Generating New Business Leads ft. Joel See


Everybody needs to understand ourselves very well. Not only us but in our life, we will need to understand others as well, such as our clients. But is there any way to understand them?

Wonderlist Property had networking session on the 28th July 2016 from 2pm to 5pm featuring Mr. Joel See, CEO of Metis .

Thanks to Mr. Joel See, he gave tips in ‘Generating New Business Leads’. The information is really useful!

In life, we will need to serve different type of people, including clients.

According to Joel See, we always see 5 categories of people (we are converting prospects to clients):

  1. The ready buyers – We dont have to convince them a lot.
  2. The potential buyers – They will need more convincing and information from us.
  3. The look-see first – They will need more time to build trust and feel comfortable with you.
  4. The sweet talkers – They often come out with creative reasons to reject the deal.
  5. The big talkers – Boastful.

We will need to find out of what type of person they are and serve them accordingly. When the clients get what they want + price is fine + sales person that serves them well = happy business!

We hope that we could stay longer with Mr. Joel See to learn more from them. Because it’s just a very short session, hence we did not go that far yet. Sincerely thanks to Mr. Joel See to give such a useful information to us!

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Written by: (Kellye Tan)

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