Feng Shui Poison Arrows: 8 Tips Show You How to Recognize & Stop Them


There are two very basic kinds of energy in feng shui. These are sheng chi, which is called the dragon’s breath. This is the beautiful and helpful type of energy that brings all good things.

The second energy is called shar chi. This is harmful energy that creates all kinds of problems.

One of the sources of shar chi is poison arrow energy.

Poison arrows are negative energy that emanates from anything sharply pointing toward a main door, your body, or your home.

These often occur at T-intersections where a road terminates directly in front of a house. It can also come from sharp corners of walls or furniture. These points can hit your body while you work or sleep.

At their worst, poison arrows can create severe loss, such as loss of job, loss of money, or loss of health.

It is important to assess any place you spend a great deal of time at for the presence and affect of poison arrows. These may be obvious and others not so obvious. But their affects can still impact your life.

Read the tips below for more information about poison arrows, how to identify them, and how to correct them.

1. Exterior poison arrows are more harmful than interior ones.

If you have a home or business that is at the end of a cul-de-sac or T-intersection, this can cause tremendous harm. Buildings can also create harmful poison arrows because of severe angles. If you have severe difficulties in your life, examine the exterior of your home or business to determine if there are any poison arrows directed your way. The sector where the arrows hit (east, southeast, or southwest) will be the area of your life (such as health, wealth, relationships) where you will feel the effect.

2. Pay attention when your circumstances change, particularly at times such as these:

–When you have moved and notice that your family is not doing as well, walk around your home to be sure there is nothing pointed at your home or that could be a poison arrow.
–When children in the home are not doing well or are ill frequently. Children suffer the affects of poison arrows before adults do. Take note if children are having problems.
–If you have severe illness or financial difficulties, check to see if something around your home or business may have changed and is causing a poison arrow, such as moving furniture.
–When roads, buildings, or other construction has occurred near you recently. A poison arrow may be new and have arrived with some new construction.
–If you are on the outside curve of a road or body of water, this can cause poison arrow energy.

3. Stop negative energy with a barrier.

Barriers are another effective way to handle negative energy and poison arrows. Erect some type of barrier to stop or handle the energy. Effective barriers include trees, walls, windchimes, mirrors, or stones. Another barrier is a screen, curtain or free-standing wall.

4. Use the elements from “five element theory” to control poison arrows.

If the poison arrow comes from a particular direction, you can use the destructive cycle of energy to combat the arrow. For instance, if the arrow is coming from the

NORTH: Erect a wall or place a pile of stones to stop the arrow.

SOUTH: Erect a wall and have water running down it. Or, install a round fountain.

SOUTHWEST or NORTHEAST: Plant a row of hedges or trees.

SOUTHEAST or EAST: Place a metal barrier to stop the energy. A round gazing ball or metal grate or grill will work against this energy. Or, you can add a 6-rod windchime between the arrow and your home or business. The windchime will funnel and dissolve the aggressive energy.

WEST or NORTHWEST: Lights will help dissipate negative energy if it comes from either of these two directions. Or, consider adding a red-colored wall. Red (fire) destroys metal

5. Beware of poison arrows pointed at your front door.

The front door is very important and if there are arrows pointed at your front door, it is possible that you will suffer from lack of opportunities and financial difficulties. So make a careful appraisal of your front door area, both inside and out to make sure there is nothing pointing at your front door. A common poison arrow is when the front door and back door line up, or when a front door is opened and you can see all the way through the house. This causes energy to rush through the home quickly — and this can be quite dangerous.

6. Worst case scenario: Fight back.

Sometimes the only way to handle a very powerful or aggressive poison arrow is to send the energy back. This can be done a couple of ways. One is with mirrors. Mirrors send negative energy back with all that is sent. This is often done in the case of a T-intersection. Gazing balls are another technique and are a little less forceful than mirrors.

Another idea is to place something with an X pattern to confront the poison arrow. This can be two crossed poles or spears. Lastly, and only if the energy is extremely powerful, such as the kind emitted from a large office building, cannons can be erected to face the offending building.

7. Watch for poison arrows from your bed.

If furniture or walls are pointed toward your body (and worse, at your head!), be sure to put something to block the poison arrow. This often occurs with bedside tables that have square tops. That’s why round bedside tables are better. There is no sharp point close to your head. If there is a wall with a sharp point toward your bed, cover it up by draping a curtain over it or placing something in front of it.

Another source of secret poison arrows in the bedroom? Tray or multi-level ceilings. These kinds of ceilings emit negative energy and are not wise choices for the bedroom. Beams also emit strong energy. To handle both beams and tray ceilings, put up a canopy to make a false ceiling and block your body from the poison arrows.

8. Look for arrows pointed toward your desk.

Work is hard enough, but it is especially difficult to be productive if there are arrows pointed at you while you sit at your desk. Put a tall plant in front of a sharp corner or move the object, if possible. Another solution is to hang a long windchime or drape in front of the sharp edge. Is the arrow coming from the north? Put a plant there to handle the negative energy. See #4 above.


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