3 essentials for out-of-area property investment


Buying an investment property is still one of Malaysian’s favourite ways to invest. Investing in property means you are using your time and money to increase your wealth and securing your financial future.

The best advice that any property investors can give is to purchase a property that is affordable to you. By all means, take a mortgage loan that is lesser than what you are eligible for, and do not spend a dime more than what you can afford.

The escalating property prices in KL and its surrounding areas may put off many first-time property investors.

Location definitely plays an important role in property investment, but what if you can’t afford those high-class areas with plenty of existing and future infrastructure?

The answer is, it doesn’t matter when and what property you want to invest in. Pay attention to what are in the vicinity of the property that you are searching for.

If you can’t afford to invest in high-end locations, then there is no harm in opting for properties that are in out-of-area cities such as Serendah and Dengkil.

The top three features to look out for when investing in out-of-area properties are the nearby residential areas, workplaces and modern amenities, making sure that the property fits the “Live, Work, Play” lifestyle.


It is a sign that there is potential capital appreciation when the out-of-area property is surrounded by housing developments that are mostly occupied. As the property demand in the area is high, it is more likely that the property will increase in value.


Properties that are situated nearby workplaces will be easier to rent out. Find an out-of-area property that has hospitals, universities, companies and organisations within its vicinity, preferably less than 30 minutes’ drive away.


Amenities such as shopping malls, cinemas, recreational areas and restaurants have profound impact on property values. Many homebuyers or renters will be looking for a property with good access to entertainment and recreation. The secret to out-of-state property investors’ success is to look for properties with positive cash flow. Choosing properties with all these three features are more likely to be ideal investments.


News Source: (Nurul Asmui Md Azmi)

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