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What factors impact the value of a property? The overall economy, construction of new highways and public transportation that open up accessibility routes, consumer demand — the factors are many.

Feng Shui is also a prevailing factor. However, some of the terms used in Feng Shui get thrown around so freely that many people lose the rationale behind the fundamentals of Feng Shui practices and are not able to reap its proper benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the more important Feng Shui features that you would need to maintain in your home to maintain the value of your property.

The main door

The main door is arguably the most essential part of any piece of property as it is regarded as the Qi Mouth. This feature is where Qi makes its way into the property, and is therefore a key part of a property’s Feng Shui. To make a basic assessment of your desired property, simply stand at the main door and look outside to see if there are any negative forms within sight.

If any tall structures like a lamp post is visible, you would probably have to deal with a case of Piercing Heart Sha. This can be detrimental to the health and career aspects of the occupants within the property. Also to avoid from the main door is the sight of narrow gaps between houses as it creates a miniscule version of the Crack in the Sky Cha. Also, should the main door be cast by a shadow of thick foliage, a Yin Sha situation arises.It inflicts occupants with problems related to mental health. If these negative features are absent from your view when looking from the main door, the property definitely looks good for investment.

The kitchen

Some properties have their kitchens built at the most peculiar sectors, but there is more to this. A kitchen represents health and life, and if poorly placed, could bring about health deterioration — especially if it is located at the Heavenly Heart sector of the home. It should always be located at the side sectors, not in the middle as it could create instability and long-term niggling health problems. It is also advisable to not have the stove facing the entrance of the kitchen. It would be best to have the stove positioned at a turning angle from the kitchen entrance to slow down gushing Qi.

The bedroom

We spend one third of our lives sleeping, hence the bedroom’s inclusion in our list of main features that could affect property value. Similar to the kitchen, bedrooms should be located in suitable sectors and this is based on the formulas in Eight Mansions, Xuan Kong Da Gua or Flying Stars. Rooms that are round, triangular or oddly shaped should be avoided as they can amplify the effects of negative Qi. A fairly square room is able to contain positive incoming Qi, while the sleeping position allows its inhabitants to yield positive outcomes in matters of family relationship, health and career.

The roads

Big-ticket properties within the market usually fetch higher value should they be situated away from the hustle and bustle of busy roads. In Feng Shui, curvy roads leading to a property create a Bow Formation that will cut off the incoming Qi flow. Also, avoid properties that have either narrow or wide alleys facing them as they can cause a Pulling Nose Qi problem, which is extremely difficult to cure. Contrary to popular belief, the dreaded T-junction can be easily treated if it narrowly misses the main door of the property. Simply plant trees in front of the property to create a barricade against the negative incoming Qi.

You could opt to do these assessments on your own, but there are certainly other detailed factors that you might miss. For instance, a visible drain that crosses the path of the building’s main entrance could be sweeping away Qi — a scenario that is called Cutting Feet Water. To know if your property boasts high value or possesses curable dilapidation traits, simply log on to www.joeyyap.com to understand them all better.


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