The Truth About Condos and Dogs


“I can’t have a dog — I live in an apartment.”

This is a common myth amongst Malaysian home owners. However, it may not be entirely accurate.

It is –as it turns out– possible to live happily ever after with your pet dog in certain high-rise residences. Property Pricetag breaks it down for all the dog lovers out there.

STEP 1: Move to KL

If you are living in Selangor, tough luck. None of the municipal councils in Selangor allow pet dogs in high-rise residences — whether apartments, flats or condominiums.

Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) guidelines, for example, state that “No licence issued for dogs kept higher than ground level at any buildings.”

Terms and conditions from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK). It translates to “Dogs are prohibited to be kept in flats and apartments or higher than ground level of any buildings”.


STEP 2: Keep it Small

The Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) is the only Klang Valley local authority that permits dogs in high-rise residences. However, the dog has to be a small breed, weighing less than 7 kg. Sorry Great Dane …

Small breed dogs that are allowed in high-rise apartments include the Miniature Pinscher, Bichon Frise, Pekingese, Papillon, Toy Poodle, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Pomeranian and Chihuahua.

mini dogs


Dog owners are also supposed to submit a letter of permission from their condo’s management — Joint Management Body (JMB) or Management Corporation (MC) — while applying for a dog license from DBKL.

However, there may not still be the case. Recent amendments to the Strata Management Act states that pets are legally allowed in high rises. The management bodies can only regulate but not prohibit the keeping of pets in stratified parcels. So as long as your local council says yes, you do not need additional consent, provided your dogs are not causing annoyance or a nuisance and posing health risks to other residents.

Of course, some condos are more welcoming to furry friends than others. Here are a few pet-friendly condominiums in Kuala Lumpur:

Mont’ Kiara

  • Kiara 9
  • Kiara Ville
  • Kiara 1888
  • 28 Mont’ Kiara


  • Bangsar Peak
  • KEN Bangsar
  • Sri Wangsaria
  • Park Residence


  • Twins Damansara
  • Sunway Palazzio
  • Azelia Residence
  • Damansara City Residency

Desa ParkCity

  • The Breezeway
  • One Central Park
  • Nadia

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

responsible owner

Wherever you stay, if you have a pet dog, you are responsible for your dogs’ behaviour.

Exercise neighbourliness by ensuring your dog does not damage public property or cause injury or harm to others, bark day and night, roam unsupervised or behave aggressively.

And probably most importantly, clean up after your pets — nobody wants to live with urine-stained or landmine-spotted corridors.


News Source:(Property Pricetag)


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