Designer tips for recession-conscious decorating that make sense for all budgets, all the time.

The current state of the economy has brought out the penny-pincher in many of us. We’re making different choices when it comes to fashion, food and home decor as a way to cut costs and save money, but some of these budget-minded shopping decisions just make sense, regardless of which way the economy is heading.

When it comes to home decor, Corinne La Flamme, senior designer, Roomy Home Interiors has noticed several budget-minded design decisions that she foresees sticking around post-recession.

1 A focus on locally-made furniture and accessories

The shift towards local isn’t just for foodies.  Local woodworkers, artisans and furniture makers are all creating stylish, local pieces that don’t have to be shipped from hundreds of miles away to get to your living room. What began as a more affordable home decor option is becoming more and more popular regardless of budget, says Corinne. Whether it’s a decorative fruit bowl or a dining room table, see what’s being made in your own province, city or even neighbourhood.

2 Accessorizing with colour

Throw pillows, area rugs, vases. All of these items come in an endless array of colours and can often be purchased for very little. If you want to give a room a new look, a budget-conscious option is shopping for affordable accents. IKEA always has a myriad of bright, affordable accessories or you can scour flea markets and garage sales for unique and colourful items. Corinne says this is another trend that will remain no matter what kind of budget you’re working with.

3 Keeping larger furniture neutral

By keeping larger, more prominent pieces neutral, it’s much easier to refresh a room when, and if, you get bored with it. “I love red, but I’m not going to buy a red sofa,” Corinne says. Because if you have a big, red sofa, there are only so many colours you can choose to paint and accessorize the room. It’s much more economical to put your money into a piece that will remain timeless no matter the other changes you make to a room.

4 Focusing on function

“Something functional will always be so,” says Corinne. Trendy pieces come and go, and while there’s always a place for them, it’s better to choose functional over frivolous, she says. Putting your money into one sturdy, functional piece that will last and last is something people are doing during the recession, but also something that makes sense regardless of your budget.

5 Multi-functional pieces

Being on a budget means being selective with what you can buy. Should you opt for the bookshelf or the end tables? The vanity or the coffee table? Rather than have to choose, buy something that has more than one use, such as a bed or coffee table that also contains ample storage space. Corinne says the current trend toward multi-functional furniture is something that will remain despite beginning as a cost-cutting measure.


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