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What’s the best advice you’d probably be receiving if you have a property that is currently vacant? Invest into it!

In today’s economy, many of us are already diving into such investment that brings various advantages including financial benefits for both short and long term rentals. The fact that Airbnb is widely used as a site for accommodation around the world has led to the increase in various properties for investment purposes. No doubt, nothing comes easy. This applies to educating yourself as a property holder, managing your property from bookings, welcoming the guests, cleaning services and the list goes on. There’s so much more involved in it besides properly managing the home to provide the guest(s) a comfortable environment.

You’d be rather surprised to find emerging companies that served as property management services for the people. Among them are Guesty and Pillow that help ease the burden of many property and homeowners around the world. With its easy access and availability in various countries, Guesty and Pillow are well recognised for its top management services that have been receiving good response from users.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, we are definitely on par with this as well; which calls for the establishment of companies that offer various services to fulfil the needs of investors in the country with the usage of Airbnb as the main source of business.

Well, if you’re in doubt of what to do when it comes to settling all sorts of agreements, payments, risk management and whatnots for the property that you’ll soon be providing? That is when you outsource for an appropriate service to guide you through! Fret not; here is the list of professional property management services available in Malaysia to help you out:



  1. Guest Ready

Servicing over 7,000 properties in Kuala Lumpur, Guest Ready maximises profits for its owners of the homes per booking by guests. As an established international company that provides five-star hotel services for homes on Airbnb across Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Paris and Kuala Lumpur, Guest Ready ensures that each customer receives the best of the best experience besides being able to generate income easily. Believe it or not, the company manages other notable vacation sites as well, and to name a few; Agoda, Trip Advisor, Expedia, Ctrip, Holiday Lettings and VRBO.

Unsure of how things work? The website is well equipped with adequate amount of information for users to obtain necessary and basic knowledge of renting your home. Get started today, even if your vacant home is not on Airbnb and you are keen in making profits from short term rentals then you should probably be making the right decision now! Get in touch with Guest Ready and the staff will be more than ready to assist you!

Allow yourself to grow a steady income with Guest Ready, which consists of professional staff all around the world to guide you through. Additionally, Guest Ready has also a fair share of likes and provides consistent updates on their Facebook page.


  1. Widebed

Do you worry that your property is often left vacant? Well, today onwards, you do not have to worry anymore! Widebed is ready to enhance your property and to assist with you from their available services from the very start until the end of service. A renowned short stay property and guest management service provider in Southeast Asia, Widebed covers a fair amount of homes by property owners to help them generate income that is definitely a great investment to start off with!

Get a free registration upon signing up and that is the start of your good fortune, where you will be able to generate income easily as Widebed will be doing most of the jobs; the check-ins and check-outs, professional cleaning, laundry services, photography services, copywriting services and 24-hour emergency on-call.

Likewise, their professional services do not stop here. Widebed also frequently conducts workshops to transfer knowledge to interested homeowners and investors on the booming growth of Airbnb in Malaysia. Stay updated on their Facebook page for daily posts!


  1. Sync Management & Education

With its recent establishment in the early 2017, Sync Management & Education has been actively offering exclusive workshops in the Peninsula Malaysia and has plans to further educate interested investors in the Asia, mainly Taiwan and Bangkok. These workshops with a sole objective aimed to inform homeowners on the latest trends of economy, valuable property insights as well as generating income through Airbnb.

Homeowners should definitely grab hold of the chances available and sign up for its workshops depending on availability and location since the management does visit numerous states in Malaysia to conduct workshops and sharing sessions.

Check out Sync Management & Education’s Facebook page and you will be amazed by its prompt updates in regards to its workshops as well as positive reviews from many other users who have been educated by the professionals namely Eric and Elvin on the Airbnb business.


  1. 12stay

Johorians homeowners who have vacant property can definitely consult 12stay for its available services such as renovation and interior design, Airbnb service management, as well as cleaning, laundry and key management. Additionally, travellers and guests who have trouble determining which home suits them best, can resort to 12stay for its valuable services. Situated in Johor, the company is a one-stop provider to a hassle free business for Airbnb homeowners. Those who are interested in generating with at least 30% revenue with properties in Johor, 12stay is here to help you out!

Likewise, homeowners who have properties in Iskandar Malaysia can ultimately opt for this service due to its strategic location in the state and easy access of amenities and facilities.

Not forgetting, 12stay is also on Facebook for updates related to the nature of business.


  1. Plush Homes

Are you one of the many living in Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Petaling Jaya or Kota Kinabalu who are keen to increase your rental income within 30% to 40% from short term rentals? Get Plush Homes to do the job for you; the management specializes in interior design and professional photography, cleaning and linen services, concierge services, and repairs and maintenance. From its updated and user-friendly website, Plush Homes has very detailed information with regards to the available Airbnb homes managed by them.

What’s more when Plush Homes has been rated 5-star for its services and fantastic experience gained by guests and customers!

Additionally, the management is contactable through both e-mail and phone numbers provided on the website.


  1. Lazy Host

Living up to the name for most hosts, Lazy Host covers the jobs of a host in providing a comfortable home for each guest while ensuring revenues are generated to all hosts! Rest assured, like any other property management services, Lazy Host offers 24/7 frontdesk reception, listing optimisation and promotion and lastly, professional cleaning and guest greeting.

Apart from managing homes in the city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Lazy Host is also available in Bangkok and recently, has spread its wings to Penang!

Founded in 2015, the management aims to provide a top-notch hospitality to their current and future guests as well as partners who have wholeheartedly trusted them by managing their homes. The management is also reachable through their Facebook page where reviews and comments are visible to everyone.

  1. Perfect Host

Perfect Host is ready to serve and assists their customers and guests in providing world-class services that never fail to disappoint! Based in Selangor, homeowners can apply through the website for their services to obtain financial benefits. Perfect Host will definitely offer their best to present you with clear explanation on its coverage of management services before taking full charge of your home.

Besides its updated website, Perfect Host is also on Facebook to provide quick updates to its followers.

The question is, are you ready to have your property converted to accommodate guests? If so, Perfect Host is geared towards the similar objective as they are ready to provide you with a free consultation upon registering as an Airbnb-ready host through their website.


  1. CoBnB

Allow the property management, CoBnB guide you through your way to success! Primarily situated in the bustling city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, CoBnB manages a wide array of properties that has been receiving positive testimonials due to their impressive work done. The company comprises of distinguished and expert staff that are able to take care of your property and to get all the work done for you! What’s more, CoBnB prioritises their customers first to ensure satisfaction is achieved in order to meet their mid and long term investment goals.

Alongside with this, the management has been providing solutions to all property owners as part of a comprehensive approach to be on par in generating income through various systems used.


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