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Wonderlist Property Sdn. Bhd. was founded on December 22, 2014.

We are a real estate mobile application company that promotes genuine listings and create networking.

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Months ago, Ray and 2 other property agency partners were having a discussion concerning the future of the Real Estate industry. Other than selling and renting, they were thinking about an enhancement to the industry. “What about co-broking?” This idea came to mind. It was definitely a brilliant idea because co-broking produces a faster selling rate of a property in the market. In the real estate industry, there was no product that was made to cater to the purpose of co-broking. These reason inspired them to come out with Wonderlist Property.

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To connect 600,000 property agents in ASEAN by 2018.


To be the world largest property agency platform.


To bring property agents from around the world into an online platform that promotes trust, integrity and professionalism.





Founder and Director
‘Creating wealth for the advancement of civilisation…’

Born into a poor family in 1979, Ray seeks inspiration from his businessman father who helps poorer strata of society and changing people’s life. His further education at the university were disrupted in 1998 by the Asian financial crisis. That influences him to study a bachelor degree in finance at University of Hertfordshire.

Upon graduation, Ray started his career in construction material logistic with his father. That exposes him to mega development like Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, and major highway construction. In 2005 he ventured into real estate sales and marketing, and focused on development strategies and consulting. By 2008 financial crisis, Ray bucked the trend and successfully sold more than RM1 billion worth of property development. He finished his real estate management course in 2013 and set up his own real estate marketing firm. He ventured into O2O business model by building Wonderlist, the first ever real estate marketplace with his partners.

Ray loves traveling and generously shares his aspiration with his associates, alumni and friends. Ray aspires to chance the real estate industry via customer driven technologies, building a new real estate ecosystem. He targets to bring the company to Nasdaq by 2019.





Co- Founder and Director
‘The ‘IT Savvy Incubator…’

BT Wong is the Chief Technology Officer and founder of Wonderbucks Berhad. He is the key technology specialist leading the company’s vision for results-oriented business strategy. His diverse IT experience helps in the improvement and transformation of real estate software products development.

BT Wong co-founded and served as the Director of Wave Coder Sdn Bhd in 2014. Wave Coder provides customize solutions, mobile application and big data solutions to small and medium enterprises.

With more than 10 years’ experience in software development knowledge BT Wong successfully lead the team to developed and delivered unique products including Wonderlist, Houzcare, Propli and Lesys. He is a strong observer and good self-learner. He loves spending his leisure time read business and technology articles.






IT Director

Graduated from Informative College, Kuala Lumpur major in Computer Study. My favourite apps are Wonderlist Property, Clash of Clans, Facebook and Wechat. I’m addicted to badminton and red wine! Photography and video editing are my secret talent. I’ve experience in call centre  and IT related support for more than 3 years. In 2013, I work as Senior Call Centre Executives in Huawei and I’ve experienced setup Huawei call centre in Mexico. I will read novels, explore photography and shooting skills when I’m away from my position.






Sales Director

Graduated from Sydney Australia. I ran my own cafe and I handle number forecasting outlet in my past. Wonderlist Property, Whatsapp and Google Map are my favourite apps. I’m addicted to football games and outdoor activities. My secret talent is to fly a plane (Shhhh). I have professional experience in sales and marketing industry with an emphasis on employee management, personal development, system analysis and team building for more than 10 years! If I’m away from my position, I would love to explore the world!


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万的力特别感谢 马来西亚 BSE 同学会 报导

Asean Entrepreneurs Financial Roadshow

Presenter :Mr Ray Chung ,郑睅文
website: http://www.wonderlist.property
Blog: http://blog.wonderlist.property/

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