A Must-Have List to Design your Dream Home


Article by: Lee Leng Yeoh

Can you imagine how your first home’s interior will look like? Will it turn out to be what you have imagined? As first time home buyers, you are definitely, equally as excited to design your interior home, ensuring the home turns out cozy and comfortable that adds a sense of warmth in every family. However, it may also turn out to be quite stressful thinking of how to decorate and what to place in every corner of your home especially when you fail to do your research beforehand. Hence, a checklist is needed to guide you through in the process of producing a well-designed home!

Whether or not you have been inspired by some interior designs, it is always best to realise your dreams!

Here are some essential steps in which millennials need to take into consideration:

Ask yourself, what is your favourite style that you can never get bored of? Be bold, take a leap of faith and express them in terms of art! Keep in mind, to take comfort in what you do. After all, you are the owner of the house.

  • Fancy beaches and the colour blue? You can have a blue colour to use as theme while a sea view as the ultimate backdrop in the living room!
  • A nature lover and loves pairing your belongings with green? Use the shades of green to guide you through the process to having a stress-free comforting home.
  • Always loved being minimalistic? You can always blend in with some black and white colours to match with the furniture and its overall interior.

Colours, room size and lighting
Take into considerations of these three important aspects; colours, room size and lighting. Colour is an important element that gives your home a lively ambience. Be sure to search for the latest colour trend and its explanation of the colour theory as each colour depicts a whole different meaning. You may also consider consulting an interior designer on the colour scheme and how you may want to lay them out accordingly.

Tip: Avoid using dark and dull colours such as black and dark grey as it will turn out depressing as well as affecting the room size and lighting.

Take some time off to browse through websites that gives you plenty of inspiration and ideas on how to design your interiors. Meanwhile, the trend lies on modern contemporary outlook, minimalism, sleek and sexy look that give the home a cooling yet luxury vibes. Keep things simple; do not clutter your home with various unnecessary decorations.

The Property Essentials
You will only need to purchase what is necessary for your house. Avoid impulse purchases and buying things you do not need as this will help you a lot more to save money in the future. Make a list according to the priorities of each corner such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet and bathroom. This is to ensure that you do not miss out anything important.

Furniture and Floor
A mixture of furniture will end up making your home looks cluttered although some might find it fun to have a variety of them at home. When buying furniture, always survey and take into considerations of its quality, material and price. Additionally, your floors are extremely important as well. At current, the frequent usage of soft white and grey has become a trend this year.


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