A Beginner’s Guide to Property Investment


Article by: Lee Leng Yeoh

Malaysia’s economy has grown leaps and bounds over the years with great evident shown in local and foreigners investing into Malaysia properties. A place to call it home, Malaysia has seen its booming business in the Airbnb short-term rentals by property investors that has led to a huge supply of demand for comfortable yet affordable homes in the country.

With great returns or ROI (return on investment) at the end of the day, it’s not surprising to see many new faces who are keen to venture into this industry. In this post today which will help many to solve miseries and problems, here are five solid steps to guide you through your way to becoming a renown investor as well as to build a professional profile for yourself.

  1. Research, research and plenty of research!

Considering yourself as a newbie in the industry, always make sure to conduct plenty of research. It is not something that you could learn overnight. Give yourself some time to work out on a solid draft whereby you start off with knowing the surface of investing in properties in Malaysia. Delve deeper into the topics once you have gotten a foundation of the terms, guidelines and fundamentals to investing.

Get to know all the existing terms such as Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT), net worth, leasing rate, market rental rates, maintenance cost and inheritance tax. Without all these, it will be hard for you to continue further. Nonetheless, also look up at the wide array of property managements in Malaysia in addition to the wide usage of Airbnb and its competitors.

  1. Choose a strategic location

Where is the best place to invest in your country? Narrow it down to the nearest hotspots with an ideal location in your state. Look for properties near you as well as the places that most investors invest in. It is always worth looking up for properties that are in the city and are within reach of the metro hub and facilities.

Choose a strategic location that people would choose to live in, be it long term or short term. Put yourself in their shoes, understand your target audience and get the most promising area that will turn out to be worth investing for! Apart from that, this property does not matter if it’s a high-end or low-end property for as long as it is within your budget and affordable.

The golden rule here is to know your target market. Don’t disappoint them and ultimately yourself, as you want your returns to continue rolling in.

  1. Stay updated with current news on economy and finance-related

Be informed of juicy updates daily on the current market and economy growth. Look out for valuable insights that you can possibly obtain from various notable websites on property investments. Get to know the pitfalls, advantages, local regulations, insurance details and other property taxes as you learn along the way. Investing in properties will always carry a certain degree of risk which require plenty of efforts to be placed in but the outcome is definitely rewarding and worth experiencing!

  1. Know your finance and risk

This is your time to do the math; know your budget. Keep in mind that you will need work out on the expenses once you have sort out all your assets. Bear in mind that you should not be using the entire amount of cash to invest. Always keep a reasonable amount of petty cash with you. Ultimately, a proper budgeting before looking for a property to invest in will help you to balance your monthly income and expenses.

  1. Finding the right agent/host

Are you still unsure of how to get a head start? Don’t worry! Take an easier pathway for a start of your career instead; start investing into Airbnb properties! As a digital marketplace, the service is a platform that provides cozy homes to many while investors obtain more money from the short-term rentals. We have got you a handful list of professional Airbnb property management that you can consult your worries and enquiries! From there, simply register yourself for various seminars and workshops to be informed and educated on property-related topics! Besides making an enormous amount of money, your network of connection will definitely grow over the time, slowly but surely, from the people you will be meeting throughout the journey.

Now that you have learned something from us today, come forward and register with us for exciting projects coming your way!



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