7 Ultimate Guide To Be The Best Airbnb Host


Article by: Lee Leng Yeoh

The recent trend bombarding Malaysia is without doubt, the rise of the Airbnb as a temporary staycation that has seen many homeowners renting their space for guests for a short period of time. This includes apartments, condominiums and landed properties that give them the opportunity to have the space owned by guests temporarily instead of having it vacant.

Many times as a host, one holds utmost responsibilities in delivering a proper and comfortable space for his/her guests. Alongside with this, it is also to ensure that the host welcomes guests to a favourable setting just as seen from the photos uploaded by the host. Hence, a credible host should be well prepared with adequate research done for his/her guests before advertising them on the site.

Nevertheless, here are seven (7) useful guidelines to be the best and respectable Airbnb host to your guest:

  1. Conduct Proper Research

The great advantage about having a space and hosting it to guests will definitely earn you profits. Before starting to earn some cash back, you will have to do a thorough research to understand the current market trends, cost of rentals, local law for housing and rental purposes, as well as the economic trends. Ask around for some useful advice from your friends and family or even better, Google them for a wide variety of opinions. Of course, read through Airbnb’s liability insurance policy as well! Once you have fully understood them, only then you are able to kick start and organise the place that you will be hosting.

  1. Be Honest

Be it the listing, facilities and nearby amenities; as a host, you will need to be honest to your guest. In order to build a solid reputation as a host, draft a full list of what can you offer as a host to your future guests in order to provide them with a great experience. Be sure of every meticulous detail that you will be providing such as the availability of WiFi, parking slots and maximum amount of guests allowed in the space.

Often, hosts are particular with the arrangement of their own home. Be specific of the rules and regulations that you are about to list down. Even if the space is/is not children-friendly or pet-friendly, notify the guests beforehand. You especially do not want to upset the guest once they’ve booked their desired space.

  1. Provide Prompt Replies

Always ensure that the provided contact information is updated. Whenever a guest shows interest towards the place you are hosting, be sure to react quickly. This means that, you will need to act fast and ensure all doubts and questions are answered on your side. Take note that guest usually expect swift replies which should be done within 24-hour to show responsibility and professionalism. Additionally, never use abbreviations (short forms) in order to avoid miscommunications as there will be chances of having language barriers at times. Also, always remain courteous when responding to queries.

  1. Craft A Fluffy Yet Straightforward Overview

Having a cliché overview will bore your guest even further. Take some time to think of a creative yet punchy write-up that defines the home. Avoid using jargons and lengthy sentences as these might confuse them.

  1. Upload HD Pictures

For guests to be convinced from the lengthy overview, you are required to provide high-resolution photos of the home. Capture relevant angles of the space and enhance them in terms of brightness or sharpness (if needed) before uploading. The pictures are to show your guests how comfortable yet spacious your home is and how worth it is to stay in. If possible, have your images at least 300dpi (1200 x 1500 pixels).

  1. Check-In Before The Guest

Be extra cautious of the date that your guest has booked beforehand. As a reliable host, make sure to clean up any necessary dust or rubbish a day before the guest arrives at the home. By doing so, you will leave a good impression for your guest when he/she enters the place.

  1. Welcome The Guest

A good host will always be present whenever the guests arrive. Responsibility strikes when you are on time to welcome them. After all, they are your VIP and you should never be late to hand over the keys or card unit to them. When a perfect deal is sealed, you would then be given an appropriate rating at your Review section!

Now, are you ready to be the best host of Airbnb?

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