6 Apps for Real Estate Agents


There are apps available that produce farting noises or make it look like you’re drinking a beer. Those might be fun to break out at a frat party but not so cool to show prospects or clients. There are a lot of intriguing and inane technological options these days but let’s focus on the former since we’re all responsible adults, right?

As real estate professionals we need to be mobile and accessible, which is where the following apps for real estate agents can be useful. Some are free and some have a fee. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which might or might not work for you.



This device converts your phone’s camera into a portable scanner for copying documents, notes and receipts. Once scanned, the information can be saved as a PDF and shared or saved in the cloud. There’s also a CamCard option that reads the information on a business card and saves it as a contact record for storage in your phone’s address book.



This service allows users to save files in the cloud and retrieve them on any of their devices where an Internet connection is available. The mobile apps extend all the features of the service to smartphones and tablets so users can share, save, edit or retrieve documents, photos, videos or other files.
Visit www.dropbox.com for more.

Wonderlist Property

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This property app promotes genuine listings and creates networking. It allow agents to sell their property in the app and it enable non-agents to search for property in the app. Users can search their preferable properties and negotiate directly with the property agent. This app has rate and review system for property agents as a good reference and testimonial for customers. This mobile app is applicable to smartphones and tablets. It is free for all users except for property agents who wish to promote their listings in this app.
Visit www.wonderlist.property/ for more.

Mortgage Calculator


This app can be used to calculate monthly mortgage payments and amortization and includes monthly expenses and a debt-to-income ratio calculator. That version is free, but a more detailed Pro version is available for a fee.

Evernote Premium


This app provides a cloud option for collecting and organizing digital content. The Premium version allows file uploads of up to 1GB a month, offline access to information stored in notebooks, text searching in images, searching of PDFs and protection of files stored on certain smartphones.

HootSuite Pro with Mobile


HootSuite provides the tools for managing your social networking activities through one interface. It’s compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Foursquare and other sites. The Pro app extends that to mobile handsets and tablets so you can stay on top of social networking and marketing any time of the day.


Written by: (Jaime Westman)  

Edited by: (Wonderlist/Kellye Tan)

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