5 Things to Get Done Before Moving In


Article by: Yeoh Lee Leng

Moving in to a new house may be described as something memorable as it unfolds a new chapter for some who has finally obtained a home for themselves and their family. However, it is often much of a hassle due to packing, moving furniture, dusting and cleaning the new place for a comfortable home to stay in.

The long hectic process from getting things done to fully furnishing the home with necessary ideal equipments can take months especially for first time homeowners. Nonetheless, here’s something to share for all who have recently purchased their first homes and will be moving in very soon; a handful list of tasks that need to be done before you move in with your loved ones:

Get to know your house
Make frequent visit to your home before the official date of moving in and get to know its surrounding, the road, alternative roads to your house and its where-to for amenities and facilities. If the agent or property developer has a blueprint to your home, have a copy of it just so to familiarise yourself in your home. It is crucial to know whilst to ensure that your family members understand where the exits of your house are located.

Maintenance, installation of wires/switch, furniture
Have you figured out where the circuit breaker box, main water shutoff valve and electrical panels are located at? These are the essentials where every home needs. Make sure you know where they are located before you move in to properly plan the placement of furniture. It is best to know where they are located at, at times of emergency strikes, you and your family members won’t be panicking much. Additionally, you are highly encouraged to get a fire extinguisher to be placed behind the main door for safety precaution.

Change your address and the locks
Start writing in to banks, insurance companies, associations and clubs that you are associated to in order to notify them for future updates on the change of address. Make sure that every family member has done this before moving in. It is also important to relay this news to your close ones and friends once you’re done with moving in.

Get yourself brand new pair of locks for the main door and gate for safety purposes and have them duplicated to be distributed among your family members who will be living under one roof.

Organise and label each box
Moving things around will eventually get messy. Hence, you will need to label each box once you’re done packing. Ensure each box is sorted out accordingly based on its similarities and label them appropriately. For instance, if the box stores glasses and mugs, do label them as fragile as the next person to carry it around will be extra careful in handling it.

Get to know your neighbours
Last but not least, stay friendly and humble to the ones you meet nearby your home. Greet them daily and get to know the homeowners or what most people call them, neighbours. Exchange contact numbers with them if necessary and of course, keep in touch!

Moving in isn’t easy but a tiring task. At the end of the day, you’ll definitely be satisfied with the results once you’ve ticked all the above off accordingly! Have fun at your new home!


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