5 Perks of Attending Property Fairs & Exhibitions


Article By: Yeoh Lee Leng

Growing up, many of us have attended a bunch of exhibitions and fairs of various topics prior to one’s concern and interest. These can range from food and beverage exhibitions, baby/kids fair, vehicle roadshows and property-related exhibitions which are often held for several days to further attract potential customers and visitors in regards to achieving its main purpose of the event.

Here in Malaysia, property fairs and exhibitions are held often by property developers in collaboration with event organisers that feature an impressive amount of exclusive to affordable properties in the country to suit the needs and wants of potential home buyers and customers. No doubt, it is a valuable opportunity for everyone to visit and participate in the exhibition with the wide exposure to uncover new properties, ideas, deals as well as a great way to grow in a like-minded business having competitors and friends in the industry.

Here are five advantages of attending property fairs:

  1. Gain additional insights

Expect the unexpected. If you’re new to visiting these property exhibitions, take it easy! Walk through and ask questions if you’re keen to purchasing a home in the future. Serious intending home buyers should take extra notes and research before visiting the exhibition. Apart from that, you will be gaining an overview of the market and industry especially on home loans, budget, financial institutions, current market and economy trend.

  1. Networking opportunities

A place where developers and marketers connect with potential home buyers. Property fairs are definitely the best place or should we say it is a one-stop solution to your miseries in purchasing a home. At this special event, this offers a unique platform for people with common interests to connect personally with one another. Ultimately, it is an ideal location to meet new faces, exhibitors, opportunities.

  1. Source for new property around you

Comparison starts here because you will be amazed by the wide array of properties from various developers. You’ll learn about the price difference of each property, its value and the price worth. Start comparing properties that suit your budget, location of choice, monthly maintenance, connectivity and accessibility as well as its amenities and facilities offered.

Tip: Always do a reasonable amount of research and avoid impulse purchase of property as there may be much more options later on.

  1. Get the best deals of the day

Many times whenever exhibitions are held, it is also when these property developers and businessmen offer you with their best price that you could ever receive! Not only will you be getting an overview of the property, add-ons incentives and perhaps sometimes a decent bargain that allows you to benefit a little more.

  1. Stay connected within the industry

Remember to exchange contacts at a property exhibition from a large group of diversified audience especially when you’re a businessman to allow yourself to stay connected to a broader group of people in order to build a growing platform for yourself. Likewise, interested first home buyers should do the same with developers and marketers to stay in touch on new projects and great deals in the future.

Have you attended any property fair this year? Share your experience with us!


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